Rethinking To See


One day, while watching TV, I realized something within myself. I was probably not even aware that I was watching it; I wasn't even sure whether I had been there for several seconds or for several dozen minutes. It was far from the first time that this had happened to me, but I could only dimly recall the recorded images that I was supposed to have been watching for a long while. We look at images on TV or the Web, and we're supposed to have felt joy, sadness, sympathy, interest. But what could I call this time, then, that utterly vanished from my memory? To capture this time as it elapsed, I decided to record it as "Passing Images = The Time I Pass."

I felt a strong interest in photographs, which take a picture of one frame of the continuously flowing video of time. The pile of images shows the "time we've witnessed", and the 16:9 aspect ratio describes the "fact that the image was once a video stream".The "time" that becomes one photograph is a vague concept.

In the modern age, we passively receive a variety of information and video from the media without thinking about it. I end up wondering what it is that we are trying to get from that vague "time" that we are supposedly looking at. This reflection should prompt us to take in what is around us with a greater sense of awareness.